Boom Baby: 51-Year-Old Reggie Miller Stays Fit And How!

Boom Baby: 51-Year-Old Reggie Miller Stays Fit And How! NBA Life

Reggie Miller played all of his 18 seasons in the NBA with the Indiana Pacers. And after he called it quits at the end of the 2004-05 season, he transitioned to TV with Turner Network Television (TNT) like a few before him, notably Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith.

However, when the camera is done rolling and the broadcast ends, there’s more to Miller’s post-retirement life than just game-calling shifts in different arenas. The 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee has two children, one a three-year-old who’s dishing out dimes to his sharpshooting dad, and the other who’s still new to the world.

So what sets him apart? The competitive drive that made him one of the league’s greatest shooters ever has now been channelled into a hobby – mountain biking. When Miller’s not with the microphone, you can see him conquering the hills in Malibu.

It’s not all glam and bling. Miller’s sweating it out, riding out miles for hours together and actually doing quite well.

Take a second look if you need. Miller rode 33.38 miles in 3 hours and 44 some minutes at the age of 51 after all those years of NBA basketball (training, shootarounds, games, travel) that his body has undergone. Mind you, this isn’t a one-off race or trial that he’s on.

At the end of it all – the numerous bike rides, the different arenas – there can be nothing better than putting your young ones to bed.

Miller’s sharing some serious post-retirement life goals. We just have to look harder and past the camera.