Celebrating Kevin Garnett: The Big Ticket Turns 41

Celebrating Kevin Garnett: The Big Ticket Turns 41 NBA Life

Kevin Garnett, who made the leap from high school to the pro’s in 1995, called it quits on his NBA career, last season. Twenty-one years, a league MVP award, an NBA championship, and several All-Star and All-NBA nominations later, Garnett has now taken a seat on the other side of the table. He now hosts his own show, KG’s Area 21, a part of TNT’s Inside The NBA property.

And so as ‘The Big Ticket’ celebrates his 41st birthday, we examine some of the lesser-known stuff about Garnett:

Garnett Does Not Hold Back, Even In Retirement


Kevin Garnett was one of the fiercest competitors and trash talkers of his generation. That’s been well documented. But he doesn’t seem to have taken a step back, even after calling curtains on his career.

Uncanny On-Court Habit


Just like other cut-throat competitors, Garnett made hay by ticking off his opponents. Sometimes it was through intimidation and sometimes he would just get on his opponents’ nerves. ‘The Garnett’ fit under the latter category.

Brought PBnJ’s To NBA Locker Rooms?

According to this story, during his championship year with the Celtics, Kevin Garnett brought to the NBA what is now an addiction – pre-game peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Before KD, There Was KG


We’re all looking forward to Kevin Durant coming to India, but before the age of Twitter and Instagram, there was another league MVP who had visited our country. In 2006, Kevin Garnett had come to New Delhi to release his limited edition KG India sneakers and open up a dedicated KG section at Adidas’s Sports Performance Center. While in India, KG made sure he visited the Taj Mahal.

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