‘Championships Don’t Come About Just Because Of Talent’: Warriors Celebrate Win In Style, With Family

‘Championships Don’t Come About Just Because Of Talent’: Warriors Celebrate Win In Style, With Family NBA Life

The Golden State Warriors celebrated their return to the top of the NBA summit with a victory parade in Oakland after their dismantling of the Cleveland Cavaliers in 5 games. The mood all through the day was remarkably upbeat, with the Warriors celebrating their second title in three years with their family members while also speaking their mind on what winning meant to them. Check out some of the best quotes, images and videos from this emotional, celebratory day for the Warriors.

Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry put out a picture with him and their daughters, Riley and Ryan.

Check out the bling blue and gold jacket that Ayesha Curry was wearing at the parade:

Of course, we can’t forget the NBA Finals MVP, Kevin Durant, and his redemption story. He was there to celebrate the moment with none other than the real MVP, Wanda Durant a.k.a. Mama Durant.


Head coach Steve Kerr was especially appreciative of the Warriors’ achievement, re-emphasising that talent alone doesn’t mean you’re a title contender.


Klay Thompson made sure he didn’t let the ‘Toaster Guy’ miss out on the celebration. He also shared an interesting tidbit about father-son championship duos. Check it out here:


Draymond Green may look like he’s working up a ‘beef’ with LeBron James, but as he clarified, LeBron is family.


Stephen Curry was all about keeping things in perspective. He reminisced about the tough initial years when he joined the Warriors. And while he was appreciative of the moment, he was also quick to remind his teammates to not be satisfied.


In one word, the day was all about:


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