Everyman’s Superman: Steph Curry’s Workout Regime

Everyman’s Superman: Steph Curry’s Workout Regime NBA FIT

Two-time MVP Steph Curry has been the Golden State Warriors’ talisman for some time now. From his record-breaking 13 3’s in a single NBA game against the New Orleans Pelicans this season, to his 43 points in 28 minutes against the LA Clippers in January to his 11 3’s in a 39-point effort against the Charlotte Hornets, Curry can switch gears any time. But what really makes Steph, well… Steph!

Take for example his desire to remain in peak physical condition. Steph Curry advocates learning to dribble well with both hands. He isn’t just a freak of nature, but a product of hours and hours of preparation that he puts into training and skill before each game.

 WATCH: Steph Curry practice session

If you really want to know what Curry’s dribbling is all about, check out what he does from 00:07 in the video below. And if his insane handling skills weren’t enough, check out what he does next at 2:10. Only Steph Curry can dribble a basketball and juggle a tennis ball in the other hand at the same time!

WATCH: Chef Curry pre-game warm-up

Steph Curry has gone on record to talk about how it is important for kids to learn the basics, one of them being the two-handed dribble. This instance has Curry helping a young Golden State fan gain some vital insight into how to get into the groove before a game.

WATCH: Steph Curry talks about drills youngsters should practice

Shooting from long distance is another aspect of Curry’s spectacular play. This video shows how far from the arc he actually takes the shot. Those incredible half-court shots are an outcome of hours of hard work put into his game.

WATCH: Curry shoots from the distance

Ball handling may be his strongest suit, but Steph Curry isn’t averse to one-on-one situations with his back to the basket. Check out this aspect to his game here.

WATCH: Steph Curry one-vs-one training