Million Dollar Question: How Do You Get Kawhi Leonard To Smile?

Million Dollar Question: How Do You Get Kawhi Leonard To Smile? NBA Life

Kawhi Leonard’s personality is as unique off the court as his game is on the basketball floor. On the hardwood, Leonard can lock down the best of the best while putting points aplenty himself. His consistent on-court, all-round display has many analysts convinced that the Spurs have found their next cornerstone – a Tim Duncan 2.0.

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Off the court, and demeanour wise, however, Leonard can outdo Duncan.

In the current viral age of social media, Leonard does not have a profile on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat – popular social media platforms. He only joined Twitter in June 2014, the year he was named Finals MVP as the Spurs clinched their fifth title in franchise history. His profile has 139k followers but he follows just six. Four of the six accounts he follows are reputed – Jordan, San Antonio Spurs, H-E-B and Jamal Crawford- but just six?


This was his first Tweet.

As his on-court productivity multiplied, his reactions and rare even-keel behaviour came under the scanner. Saying that he is calm might be dropping Kawhi a compliment because he doesn’t even flinch once he’s made a game-clinching play. That led to ESPN doing this:


Ok, a win or making a play leading to a win doesn’t get him pumped enough. But he remained unfazed even after a towel was thrown at him during the on-court post-game interview:


What really get Kawhi in splits is yet to be known, but one thing’s for sure, watching him dominate the game is a treat to the eyes.