MVP Summer For Russell Westbrook? #WhyNot

MVP Summer For Russell Westbrook? #WhyNot NBA Life

Wondering what the league MVP is up to in the NBA offseason? Well, do not fret because we have you covered!

Besides the magnificent basketball talent that Russell Westbrook is, he is also known to be a fashion czar due to his eccentric sense of style.

And what better place than the Paris Fashion Week to let out the cult icon in you?

And to punctuate his position as one of the trendiest aficionado’s of the sports world, he was named 2017’s most fashionable athlete by Sports Illustrated.

Fashion King indeed.

Next stop for the Brodie? The ESPYS!

Russell Westbrook followed up his league MVP award by winning the Best Male Athlete Award.

And the adulation did not stop there for Mr. Triple-Double as he also claimed the Clutch Player Of The Year award at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards.

And where do you best celebrate such a stunning offseason? What about visiting “The Happiest Place On Earth” or Disneyland with all your loved ones? In the words of Russell Westbrook himself, why not?!

However great of a summer you are having, there is a pretty good chance that Russell Westbrook is having a better one.

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