‘One In A Billion’ Satnam Singh Continues To Amaze, Motivate And Inspire

‘One In A Billion’ Satnam Singh Continues To Amaze, Motivate And Inspire Local Heroes

It’s been over a year-and-a-half since Satnam Singh became the first Indian-born player to be drafted into the NBA. It wasn’t easy to get there, but Satnam hasn’t stopped getting better. Meanwhile, we take an inside view of what Satnam has been upto over the last few months.

To begin with, there’s more to life than basketball. Satnam Singh seems to know that as he spends time with the children from Wipe Out Kids Cancer, a non-profit foundation.#ThisIsWhyWePlay

But to get back to how committed Satnam Singh remains to staying in shape, you just have to see this:

In the midst of all the training and workouts, Satnam is as excited as us about Kevin Durant coming to India this summer:

Away from the rigours of basketball training, and his punishing schedule, Satnam also lives it up on the style front.

From a village in Punjab to Dallas and now Ontario in Canada, Satnam’s admirers are everywhere. Congratulations Satnam! Well deserved.

There will never be any place like home. As Satnam Singh continues to put in the hard yards, sweat it out and be an inspiration to all budding young aspiring ballers in India, it’s important to remember that he’s spent nearly a decade away from home to get there. What a fascinating journey it has been for Satnam!