A Ritual That Captivates Cleveland – The Chalk Toss

A Ritual That Captivates Cleveland – The Chalk Toss NBA Life

LeBron James has been a beacon of joy, hope and success in Cleveland. Whether it’s through his supreme play on the court or giving back to the community off it, James has been more than a role model. Having said that, another way in which James has Cavaliers nation riled up, pumped and ready for the game is through his pre-game Chalk Toss.

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As LeBron’s legend grew, so did that of the Toss. Fellow players, teammates and fans, all began to imitate and enact their version of the Toss:

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From 2010-2014, Cleveland fans were forced to witness James perform the toss in an opponent’s uniform with the Miami Heat. So when James returned to Cleveland, his first game back in 2014 was highly anticipated because this time around the toss meant a lot more. Re-visit that moment:

WATCH: First game back in Cleveland – LeBron’s chalk toss