Welcome To The Off-Season Grind Life: NBA Version

Welcome To The Off-Season Grind Life: NBA Version NBA FIT

We are quite a ways away from the 2017-18 NBA season. 69 days to be exact. But the stars of the league have already started to put in the work in the training room and get themselves ready for the road ahead.

LeBron James

When you have the work ethic of LeBron James, you deserve to be called The King.  The 4-time MVP is already back in the lab to have a go at his 8th straight NBA Finals. He truly understands what it means by striving for greatness.


Anthony Davis

Judging by the hours Anthony Davis is putting in, the New Orlean Pelicans fans should be excited because The Brow seems set to take off for the new regular season.


Joel Embiid

Trusting the process might finally be coming to fruition for the Philly hopefuls as Joel Embiid and co. seem to be working their socks off to have a go at the upcoming season of NBA basketball with a little help from the retired NBA great Kevin Garnett.


Kevin Durant

Just fresh off his 1st NBA Championship and a maiden trip to India, the Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is back in the gym with Brooklyn Nets’ Sean Kilpatrick and raring to go. And who better than the 2-time MVP, Steve Nash to prepare him for that?

As they say, the grind never stops!

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