#BestOfSeason: A 70 Point Outing? You Can ‘Book’ It!

#BestOfSeason: A 70 Point Outing? You Can ‘Book’ It! News

At 20 years old, most of us are thinking about getting a driver’s license and getting through college. Well, Devin Booker is not most of us. He wanted to join the company of Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, David Robinson, David Thompson and Elgin Baylor in basketball royalty as a member of the 70-point club.

And he did the same when he dropped 70 points vs. the Boston Celtics. Not only did he join the aforementioned elite club, he became the youngest player ever to do it.

WATCH: Devin Booker’s historic night

The Phoenix Suns guard even broke the record of the most points an individual has ever scored vs. the Boston Celtics as he leapt pass Michael Jordan for that accomplishment.

He became the 1st player in over a decade to score more 70 points or more in a single game since Kobe Bryant dropped 81 in 2006 against the Toronto Raptors.


He scored 51 points in the second half and a scintillating 28 points in the last frame of the game. In simpler words, he was as hot as the ‘sun’ in the final 24 minutes. He did it by taking 40 shots and hitting 21 of them while also going 24 out of 26 from the charity line.

Even Brad Stevens, head coach of the Boston Celtics had to tip his hat to the 70-point man.


And that praise did not stop there, with current stars like Damian Lillard and Kevin Love recognizing this astonishing feat!



Even the last man to score 70 points in a single game weighed in on this historic achievement.


As the Phoenix Suns’ Twitter was quick to point out, this one will be remembered for ages!


Even his own teammates understood the basketball history that they had seen unfold in front of their eyes.


Despite losing the game, the young gun of the Phoenix Suns put the league on notice and showed why he is a superstar in the making.

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