Pass, Move And Shoot: Watch Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson Lay Out Basketball Essentials

Pass, Move And Shoot: Watch Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson Lay Out Basketball Essentials NBA FIT

The best players are the one’s who accumulate the most number of attributes into their game. A closer look at players like Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson reveals the amount of time and dedication they put it into adding certain basketball skills. Here’s a quick tutorial at some of the best ways to integrate key moves to your hoops arsenal.


Passing may seem like an easy task, but in order to be perfect it, revisiting the basics are a must. Let Klay Thompson and Ryan Anderson take you through some drills to fine tune your passing game:

WATCH: Klay Thompson conducts passing clinic


Holding your follow through may be advice every baller dished out, but there are some finer nuances to shooting and Klay Thompson is back again to run you through them:

WATCH: Klay Thompson with essential shooting techniqhes

Attacking the Basket

Whether it is through a crossover or a strong side drive, mastering the art of attacking the basket is tantamount to becoming a better ball player. And who better than Damian Lillard, Kemba Walker and John Wall to demonstrate the same:

WATCH: Damian Lillard, John Wall teach how to attack the basket

The Pick And Roll

Modern day basketball’s best offensive manoeuvre, the pick-and-roll’s importance can be traced to a player like James Harden’s success. The play involves the ball-handler using a teammate to set a screen, to lose a defender, which then opens up scoring options, be it a layup or a wider range to shoot from.

Take a look at players like Mike Conley, Kyrie Irving, Paul George and Anthony Davis demonstrate ways to operate the pick-and-roll.

WATCH: Learn how to pull off the pick-and-roll move

Learning these moves can be tough. But in order to reach that next level, practicing these skills can up your game.