Time To Get Emoji About 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend

Time To Get Emoji About 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend NBA Life

The Twitterverse is abuzz today with the start of NBA 2017 All-Star Weekend. To help fans express their excitement in the most entertaining manner, the NBA has released dedicated All-Star Weekend emojis of players, teams and everything else that one can think of or need to be on top of the social media game. We picked a few that caught our eye:


When he’s not scorching opponents from absolutely everywhere on court, Curry can be seen as his alter-ego, Chef Curry.


How about tweeting a shoutout to first-time All-Star and basketball’s latest athletic phenom, Giannis Antetokounmpo a.k.a. the Greek Freak.


Klay Thompson and his best friend Rocco are inseparable off the court. So what better way for Thompson to show his love than by having his dog’s mugshot as his official emoji.

And here is the complete palette of emojis for the All-Star Weekend for the East:


And the West: