Top 21 Players For NBA Academy India Announced

Top 21 Players For NBA Academy India Announced Local Heroes

Remaining three spots will be filled in the coming weeks/months prior to the NBA Academy opening.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the ACG Worldwide Group (ACG) on Saturday (Feb. 11, 2017) announced top 21 players from this year’s ACG-NBA Jump National Finals.  The selected 24 (inclusive of the 3 players, who will be selected in the months prior to the opening of the NBA Academy) will become the first class to receive scholarships and training at NBA Academy India.

The selection of the 24 players at the National Final, held from Feb. 9-11, marked the culmination of the three-month nationwide program that conducted tryouts in six regions including Mumbai, Delhi, Ludhiana, Kochi, Chennai and Kolkata.  The three-day camp held at the Jaypee Greens in Noida featured the top 45 prospects from across the country.

“ACG-NBA Jump has given basketball playing youth in India a pathway to make a career out of the sport We are committed to growing the program in the years to come,” said NBA India Managing Director Yannick Colaco.  “The 24 players will now have a solid platform to prepare for the opportunity to move into the professional ranks.”

“The final pool of players represented the very goal of the program that was to identify, hone and create a pathway for the untapped talent pool of basketball players in India,” said ACG Director Karan Singh.  “We wish the 24 winners all the very best for their future and hope they make the best of this unique opportunity they have earned through their hardwork and dedication.”

The 24 players will get scholarships and training at the NBA Academy India, an elite basketball training center in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR).  NBA Academy India, the first of its kind in the country and the NBA’s fifth elite training center globally, will be fully funded by the NBA and will open in April 2017.

NBA Academies will employ a holistic, 360-degree approach to player development extending beyond the court by focusing on education, leadership, character development and life skills.  NBA Academy India builds on the NBA’s existing basketball and youth development initiatives in India.  The Reliance Foundation Jr. NBA program has reached more than 2.7 million youth and trained more than 2,000 physical education instructors nationwide since its launch in 2013.  The NBA launched ACG-NBA Jump, India’s first national basketball talent search program, in 2015 and provided the top player with the opportunity to attend the NBA Development League National Tryout in the United States.

1.        704 Manoj Sisodiya 16 5’10” Ratlam, M.P
2.        706 Md Ali 13 6’1” Kolkata
3.        711 Riyanshu Negi 14 6’2” Roorkee, Uttrakhand
4.        720 Amaan Sandhu 14 6’9” Mohali, Punjab
5.        721 Sejin Mathew 17 6’5” Tiruvalla, Kerala
6.        723 Virat Dhakad 13 6’1” Guna, M.P
7.        724 Achintya Krishna 14 6’0” Bangalore
8.        725 Rajveer Bhati 14 6’2” Bikaner, Rajasthan
9.        726 M Shanmugam 17 5’11” Chennai
10.    728 Shaurya Kohli 15 5’11” Noida, Delhi
11.    730 Prashant Rawat 14 6’6” Nainital, Uttrakhand
12.    734 Vivek Chauhan 16 5’11” Bhatinda, Punjab
13.    739 Jagshaanbir Singh 16 6’9” Jalandhar, Punjab
14.    747 Brijesh Tiwari 14 6’0” Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
15.    752 Arvind Kumar 16 6’2” Chennai
16.    756 Robin Banerjee 14 6’3” Varanasi, UP
17.    760 Digvijay Shekhawat 14 6’0” Kota, Rajasthan
18.    772 Preshit Pawar 16 6’3” Thane, Mumbai
19.    775 Suraj Phathak 15 5’11” Mumbai
20.    781 Parth Sharma 16 6’8” Mumbai
21.    792 Rishabh Jaiswal 14 5’8” Durg, Chattisgarh