West RD 1: Kawhi Drops Playoffs-High 37, Spurs Swat Grizzlies Away

West RD 1: Kawhi Drops Playoffs-High 37, Spurs Swat Grizzlies Away NBA Playoffs

G2: Memphis Grizzlies 82-96 San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs took Game 2 against the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Round 1 tie on the back of Kawhi Leonard’s playoff career-high 37 points (64.3% shooting; 11 rebounds too). The Spurs were comfortably winning but a mini-comeback by Memphis in the second half meant that it wasn’t as smooth as the scoreline suggested.


The Spurs ended the first quarter in style, earning themselves a 13-point lead. The Grizzlies came out of the blocks slow, and paid for it.


Tony Parker (15 points, 3-of-5 from beyond the arc) started the second quarter with some back-to-back three-pointers to extend the Spurs lead to 17 points at one stage.


There was a comeback of sorts for the Grizzlies as they cut down the Spurs’ lead to 10 points at the end of three quarters. Mike Conley posted 24 points and 8 assists while Vince Carter added 12 points from 55.6% shooting.


But the Spurs went on a 8-0 run and regained control of the match to take a 2-0 lead in the series. They shot 45.9% from the field and 39.1% from three-point range in the win and will next face Memphis on the road for Game 3.


Box Score

Series Score: Spurs lead 2-0

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