C’s Re-Up: Jaylen Brown Prepares For Massive Jump In Sophomore Season

C’s Re-Up: Jaylen Brown Prepares For Massive Jump In Sophomore Season NBA FIT

The Boston Celtics have not had a season quite this promising in a while. Just look at the positives:

  • Finished the Regular season as the No. 1 seed in the East.
  • Reached the Conference Finals for the first time since 2012.
  • Hold multiple draft picks in the lottery, including the No. 1 pick.

But what they might not have thought they already had, was the athletic and late blooming talents of one Jaylen Brown. The rookie who was drafted at number 3 in 2016, did not have as many chances as he would have hoped in the regular season. He averaged only 17.2 minutes per game over the 78 games he played, mostly coming off the bench. And his 6.6 points per game was also not as much as you would have expected in terms of production. He did flash his potential every once in a while and the 19 points in Game 2 of the conference finals.

Yet the Celtics were eliminated in five games by the Cleveland Cavaliers. And that was the point when Brown decided he was going to be better. He stepped into the gym the very next day, determined to get a jump on all the players looking to improve this season. Brown has since been documenting the various aspects of his workouts as you can see below:

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Brown is acutely aware of the shortcomings in his game and has been meticulously working on his physical conditioning and his basketball skills. Many players hit the sophomore wall in their second season, unable or slow to adapt to a changing role in their team. Looking at the intense workouts that Brown is putting his time in, he may be looking leap over that proverbial wall. All that while inspiring us to hit the exercising circuit too. Maybe we can steal a few moves from his elaborate summer plan!

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