The Unicorn Workout: Porzingis Sweats It Out Rigorously In The Gym

The Unicorn Workout: Porzingis Sweats It Out Rigorously In The Gym NBA FIT

A couple of days leading up to the just concluded 2017 NBA Draft, Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks were listening to trade offers for Latvian sensation Kristaps Porzingis. Instead of reacting to the situation, Porzingis, having played two years in the league, already seems to have his priorities right.

After spending some time away from basketball, Porzingis is back in the gym and putting in the hours. If at 7 ft 3 in, his footwork isn’t quick enough already, Porzingis is working on it even more, going through some strenuous boxing workouts:

He followed that up with just about EVERYTHING – from weight training to spending some time on the track to working on his skills with some fundamental basketball drills.

It happens so often in the league that players who are as tall or taller than Porzingis, tend to have short careers due to multiple injuries or just one career-ending injury. Careful to avoid that, watch Porzingis work on improving his leg strength:

The ability to play a face-up style of basketball and take his fellow big men off the dribble for a sweet jumper or a drive to the hole is, arguably, Porzingis’ biggest strength. And practice makes perfect, right? When you put it in the time, you reap the benefits:

The 2016-17 regular season has only just ended and we have months even before training camp, but with these snippets into Porzingis’ offseason workout, it would be safe to bet on a blockbuster 2017-18 campaign from ‘The Unicorn’.


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